Why a Mobile Cloakroom Service is Essential for Your Event

Every event host aims to provide their guests with a wonderful, unforgettable experience. Planning an event involves considering many factors: the venue, event branding, goals, budget, audience, sponsors, date, and security, to name a few. One often-overlooked aspect is the security of guests’ belongings.

As you plan your event, you want your guests to enjoy themselves without worrying about their personal items. The clutter of coats, bags, and other belongings can be a distraction and a concern. This is where a cloakroom service comes in. A cloakroom provides a secure place for guests to store their belongings, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the event you’ve meticulously planned.

Before we dive into this article, have you heard of Gohangers, your mobile cloakroom service? They are the UK’s number one provider of mobile cloakroom services, ensuring that your guests’ belongings are safe and secure.

The Benefits of Mobile Cloakroom Services

Convenience for Guests
Imagine attending an event where you don’t have to worry about your coat, bag, or other personal items. Gohangers offers this convenience, allowing guests to enjoy the event without the hassle of carrying their belongings. This enhances the overall guest experience and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Enhanced Event Organization
A well-organized event is a successful event. Gohangers contribute to better event management by reducing clutter and ensuring that guests have a designated place to store their items. This not only keeps the venue tidy but also helps prevent lost or misplaced belongings.

Professionalism and Trust
Offering the services that Gohangers provides adds a touch of professionalism to your event. It shows that you care about your guests’ comfort and security, which builds trust and credibility. Guests are more likely to remember and appreciate an event that goes the extra mile to meet their needs.

Types of Events that Benefit from Gohangers Services

Corporate Events
Corporate events, such as conferences, seminars, and trade shows, greatly benefit from our services. Attendees can focus on networking and engaging with the content without worrying about their personal items. This boosts productivity and satisfaction.

Festivals and Large Public Events
At large-scale events like festivals, concerts, and fairs, managing personal belongings can be a challenge. That’s where Gohangers comes in by providing a safe place for guests to store their items, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Weddings and Private Parties
On your special day, the last thing you want is for your guests to be burdened with their coats and bags. At Gohangers, we ensure that everyone can enjoy the celebration without distractions, adding a touch of luxury and convenience to your weddings and private parties.

Graduations and Formal Ceremonies
Graduations and formal ceremonies are significant events that require a professional and organized environment. Gohangers help maintain the decorum of the event and ensure that guests can participate without worrying about their belongings.

Most importantly – The mobility of our cloakroom service.

Creating and maintaining a cloakroom is one hassle many event organizers don’t want to deal with. And this is where we come in. We roll up with our cloakroom unit with minimal setup time and we are good to. Voila! You have a fully staffed and functioning cloakroom.


Cloakroom services are an essential component of a well-organized and guest-friendly event. From enhancing convenience and organization to adding a touch of professionalism, the benefits are clear. If you’re planning an event and want to ensure your guests have the best experience possible, consider incorporating Gohangers into your event. Contact us at Gohangers to learn more about how we can help make your next event a success.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more tips and insights on event planning and services.